Friday, June 29, 2007

The NBA Draft

Ok, Wow... Makes me wish for the first time in a long time I owned a TV. Also, on a side issue, the NBA Draft is becoming more exciting then the NBA Finals, which, coinicidentally, the NBA Draft's main purpose is to help teams win an NBA Chanpionship.

Zach Randolph to the Knicks: Great move for the Knicks. Their team is totally loaded with Starbury, Curry, Z-Bo, a whole bunch of all-star calibre role players, and Isaiah Thomas, the baddest coach who knows the importance of team dynamics. Zach Randolph leaves the Trail Blazers, leaving Darius Miles as the last remaining Jail Blazer.

Ray Allen to the Celts: Great move for Seattle. They get the #5 player, and get to restart building. Boston? Well, it is a decent move in that Allen will get to spread the floor for their young players, and provides veteran leadership to teach professionalism, and how to win for the youngest team in the NBA.

Jason Richardson to the Bobcats: Don't like this move for Charlotte because it eats up their capspace, and does not provide them with a proven winner. Like this move for the Golden State Warriors because it reduces cap space, gives them a versatile rookie who plays their coaches system.

The Phoenix Suns: A big "meh." Had a few picks, but did nothing to immidiately improve their team. It seems like ownerships main goal is to provide a competitive team that does not go over the salary cap, and thus paying a tax.

The Chicago Bulls: Their team is extremely well built. Adding Joakuim Noah helps to alleviate the loss of Tyson Chandler, provides a break for Ben Wallace, and is a much better player then Tyrus Thomas, who does not seem to have enough basketball knowledge to warrant being a #4 pick (weak 2006 draft class), and relies too much on athleticism on a Chicago Bulls team that is built on team fundamentals, and a collective knowledge.

The Lakers: Enough said.... Well, maybe they can convince Kobe that Marc Gasol (48th pick) is actually Pau Gasol.

The Actual Draft: Pretty much went as expected in terms of the order of the picks. No real surprises. Can't wait for next years yahoo fantasy. I will look at Oden, Durant, Conley Jr., and maybe Corey Brewer as guys to contribute. The rest would be surprising.


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